Recycle day is Friday. Place recycling out to the curbside by 7:00 a.m.

Recycling items are not allowed to be sealed in trash bags. Overflow recycling materials can be placed in open paper bags, open cardboard boxes, or open trash containers. If you need a recycle sticker to place on an additional bin, please contact MUD 365 by completing the contact form on this website.

Recycleable Items

PAPER (including cardboard), PLASTICS (1-7), ALUMINUM and TIN cans and GLASS (all colors)

Best Trash takes great pride in our recycle program. Ensuring the best recycle program for our customers takes time and effort on both sides. Please remove caps, liquids and food products from inside the containers. Please only use the provided recycle cart for recyclable materials. The red bin is NOT an extra trash container and will NOT be emptied as such. If items exceed container capacity, please place them adjacent to the cart well marked as recyclable materials. Cardboard is recyclable, please break down all boxes flat, and place them next to the recycle cart for collection.

Care and Maintenance

Best Trash will provide each residence with ONE recycling bin. Best Trash will replace any bins that are defective or otherwise become unusable due to normal wear and tear. Lost or stolen carts can be replaced for $15.00 + tax each by calling Best Trash or contacting them via email at

Holiday Schedule

If your regular recycle collection day falls on a holiday (New Year’s Day, Independence Day or Christmas Day) the collection will be made on the next regularly scheduled collection day.


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