MUD 365 has made a commitment to providing amenities that enhance the community we serve. Please take a moment and let us know what you would like to see or join us at one of our regular meetings and share your ideas.

Multi-Purpose Trail

Discover our extensive public pedestrian trail network, which, along with MUD364’s trails, spans nearly 5 miles along three distinct areas: the “T loop” near Sampson Elementary school, the main loop surrounding the detention basin and connected channels, and the charming “dog tail” along Bowden Creek Drive.

District Policy on Power-Driven Mobility Devices in Recreational Facilities (PDF)

ADA Accessible Amenities

Experience lush greenery and convenient amenities such as drinking fountains, benches, trash cans, and dog waste stations. Accessibility is promoted via connecting sidewalks and ADA-compliant concrete pads under trash cans, drinking fountains, and benches. These enhancements not only extend amenity lifespan, but also provide smoother transitions for all trail users. Moreover, the newly poured pads offer “buddy seating” between the benches, allowing individuals in wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers to sit alongside others.

Green Parking Lot

For added convenience, MUD 365 has discreetly constructed a “green” parking lot nestled behind trees on the detention basin side of Jarvis Road, perfect for community events like soccer games and swim meets.

Interactive Fountain

This is a pedestrian destination, designed as a stop when residents are walking or riding bikes on the trails. It is located on the northern “T” of the trails where The Park at Arbordale meets Coles Crossing.

Scout Projects

MUD 365 collaborates with local Scouts on such projects as a little library, puzzle library, plant identification markers, bat/bird houses and more!

Sports Field

Come enjoy our well-kept open field, perfect for all your daytime sports activities! Whether it’s soccer, frisbee, or just a casual game of catch, our space is ready for fun and fitness.

Tree For Houston Program

Harris County MUD 365 recognizes that trees provide countless benefits including cleaning the air, mitigating water run-off, providing shade to cool the surroundings, and beautifying our district. For more than 6 years, MUD 365 has partnered with Trees For Houston ( to increase the number of trees in our district.

Over the past several years, Trees for Houston has provided MUD 365 with an average of 125 trees per year at no cost. These trees are native to the area, and MUD 365 follows the recommended planting schedule for each tree -Typically this is in the early spring after the last freeze. If any of the past trees are dead or diseased, they are replaced before new areas are planted. MUD 365 spends an average of $30 per tree for transportation, soil prep, planting, watering, and staking.

When selecting a location to plant these trees, MUD 365 considers several factors, including where shade is needed and gaps where trees have been removed. One of the reasons we plant trees in early spring is to reduce the need for irrigation. In places that don’t have existing sprinklers, or where the sprinklers do not provide enough water, we utilize water bags and even hand watering. We understand that not every single tree will thrive, and expect to lose a few trees each year.


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July 24, 2024 at 6:00 PM

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