Parks and Recreation

MUD 365 has made a commitment to providing amenities that enhance the community we serve. Please take a moment and let us know what you would like to see or join us at one of our regular meetings and share your ideas.

Jogging Trail

The Coles Crossing Jogging Trail was a joint venture between MUD 365 and MUD 364. The trail now covers over 4 1/2 miles and includes vegetation and other amenities such as water fountains, benches and fido houses. In addition, MUD 365 constructed a "green" parking lot behind the trees on the detention basin side of Jarvis Road. This parking lot will be available for use during community events such as soccer games and swim meets. We are also added connecting sidewalks in several locations to allow better accessibility to the jogging trails. MUD 365 is proud of the trail system and is excited to see so many residents making use of them each day.

Interactive Fountain

We are excited to announce that we are moving ahead with construction of an interactive fountain on the trails.  This will be a pedestrian destination, designed as a stop when residents are walking or riding bikes on the trails.  Construction is complete and the interactive fountain will be operational soon.  Please check our Facebook page for updates.

Interactive Fountain FAQs

Why does the MUD want to do this?

We see it as another amenity to add to the trail system and further enhance our communiity, much like the park benches and water fountains.

When will it be open?

The trail system is open from dawn to dusk.  The fountain will be open the same hours.  We plan to leave it open for most of the year, but we may shut the water off during the winter, similar to the drinking fountains.  The fountain will be on a timer system.  Visitors can push a button to turn it on.  It will shut off automatically after a preset duration.

Will it be open to the public? 

All MUD facilities are open to the public. 

What about parking?  

The trail system as a whole is designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle and the interactive fountain is another amenity in that system.  We selected the location specifically because it is not directly adjacent to any street.  Our desire is for people to access the fountain while they are out for a walk, jog or bike ride.

Who will maintain the facility?

MUD 365 will handle the maintenance, cleaning and any necessary repairs for the interactive fountain.

Is this why my water rates have gone up recently?

No.  The increase to our water bills have been as a result of a hike issued by the North Harris Regional Water Authority (NHRWA) in preparation for the conversion to surface water.  For more information about the NHRWA, please visit

Will the water be recycled?

We are not planning to install a re-circulation system due to the small size of the fountain.  We may consider reusing the water for irrigation in the adjacent flowerbeds, but that is not determined at this time.


Detention Basin Park

MUD 365 is considereing additional enhancements to the detention basin.  These include a dog park, deepwater lake, bird and wildlife habitat and additional natural spaces. Our goal is to make this necessary facility an amenity that our residents can enjoy. We would love to hear your ideas.  Please attend an upcoming meeting or reach out to one of our directors.


MUD 365 is taking on all of these projects to maintain and improve the quality of life in Coles Crossing. Our expectation is that the residents will respect the projects and not damage, deface, or destroy the facilities in any way. There has already been some significant vandalism on the nature trail project. Your help is needed to prevent this. Should you see or hear of vandalism, please report it immediately to the Sheriff’s office. These are your facilities and it costs all of us when they require replacement or repair.

District Policy on Power-Driven Mobility Devices in Recreational Facilities